Elden Ring Leyndell, Royal Capital Guide – Secrets, Bosses, Important Locations, And More

From the moment you open the doors of the Stranded Graveyard and first step foot into the Lands Between, Elden Ring makes clear the significance of the Erdtree. Your eyes are instantly drawn to it, towering golden and majestic in the distance. Getting there and discovering its mysteries is, in a nutshell, the main objective of your adventure. But to do that, you’ll need to first make your way through the city where the Erdtree lays its roots: Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Leyndell is at the center of Elden Ring’s lore–and at the center of the map itself. Given its significance to the story, it’s no surprise that it’s teeming important items, immense challenges, and confounding secrets around every corner. We won’t cover everything there is to do in Leyndell here; we’ll leave some of the exploration and joy of discovery to you! However, with so many hidden (and we mean hidden) locations and items that can easily be missed, this framework should help aid you in your journey.

Getting to Leyndell

The smaller circle in the center walls off the city proper. The space between that and the larger outer wall is known as the Capital Outskirts.

Unlike other zones you may have stumbled upon thus far in Elden Ring, Leyndell is both 1) required to beat the game, and 2) impossible to access early. You’ll need to have collected–and activated–two Great Runes in order for the gates to the city to open. The easiest option is to kill Godrick and activate his Great Rune at the Limgrave Divine Tower, and then kill Rennala, whose Great Rune is activated automatically. You can also kill Radahn instead, activating his Great Rune at the Divine Tower of Caelid; trekking through Caelid can be a good way to level up and prepare for the tough enemies in Leyndell, as well.

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