Battlefield 2042 Season 1 Hands-on Preview: Focused Fire

Seven months after the initial release of Battlefield 2042, the first content season for the multiplayer-only first-person shooter is finally hitting the game. Season 1: Zero Hour comes alongside a huge number of adjustments and fixes, as well as new content. It gives a sense of how developer DICE is working to change the tenor of the game in some significant ways, from how maps are laid out, to how specialists convey their personalities on post-game victory screens.

Season 1 launches for all players on June 9, but GameSpot got a chance to spend a couple of hours playing with some of its new content additions during a preview event this week. That session put us on Exposure, the new map coming to Battlefield 2042 that’ll be available to all players. Exposure feels like it sets a different tone from some of BF 2042’s other maps, with a host of differing locations and a focus on verticality that goes beyond what we’ve previously seen in the game.

Exposure is set in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, where a landslide has collapsed part of a military facility. Russia-backed forces are invading hoping to uncover whatever secrets are inside, and with portions of the base literally ripped apart by a falling mountain, they have plenty of means to enter.

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