MLB The Show 22: Best Future Of The Franchise Cards

Cue the bat drops and K struts: MLB The Show 22’s Future Stars are here. This month’s new featured program in Diamond Dynasty puts an emphasis on the Future Of The Franchise-a fan favorite series that was introduced in 2017 to highlight baseball’s top prospects and what their projected ratings could look like in three years. Ever since, it’s drawn attention to names such as Byron Buxton, Rafael Devers, Tyler O’Neill, Bo Bichette, Jazz Chisholm Jr., and Wander Franco, and remains an avenue for diehards and casuals to become more familiar with their teams and the next generation of baseball.

The Future Of The Franchise XP path features 30 new bosses (one from each team), a mixed bag of new bat skins, retro uniforms, and themed choice packs (Big Dog, Always Intense), and a long list of legends and flashbacks, including 1993 Postseason Joe Carter, 2002 Veteran Jeff Bagwell, and 2016 All-Star Kris Bryant. It also comes with a new Lou Gehrig Day Program, the Colorado Rockies Nike City Connect Program (think ’90s), and two new player card collections for binder enthusiasts with unique rewards such as 1980 Retro Finest George Brett and Takashi Okazaki Series Babe Ruth.

With Future Stars cards being mid-90 overalls that are all about pop, speed, and nasty break pitches, below is a quick cheat sheet on the best additions to grind for before the All-Star Program in July.

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