Ms. Marvel Review — Meet Your New Favorite Teenage Superhero

The second major Disney+ MCU release of 2022, Ms. Marvel, is just around the corner–and, like Moon Knight before it, it undertakes the major task of introducing a brand new character to the shared universe without the built-in crutch of an existing character to act as a co-star. That’s about where the similarities between the two shows end though–which, strange as it may sound, is actually a good thing. It wouldn’t be entirely accurate to say that Ms. Marvel is a “reinvention” of the Disney+ MCU formula–it’s still very much a Marvel show–but it does feel completely distinct from the shows that came before it, and it manages to creatively solve some of the issues its predecessors have run up against (both on the big screen and the small.)

Starring Iman Vellani, Ms. Marvel adapts the comics of the same name and tells the story of Kamala Khan, a dorky teenager who has grown up in a world populated by superheroes saving the day. Khan is a certified fan–she runs a social media channel dedicated to heroes, focusing on her favorite of the bunch, Captain Marvel, and otherwise does what teenagers do: struggles against her strict parents, fumbles through school, goofs off with friends, you know, the works. That is, until the day she stumbles into an old family heirloom that grants her superpowers of her very own.

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