Ms. Marvel’s Sana Amanat On Nurturing Not One But Two Versions Of Kamala Khan

It’s not unusual for the MCU to reinvent a character from the comics to suit its needs–but those hit most heavily with the reimagination hammer tend to be the oldest and most deeply entrenched superheroes in the stables. Of course, someone like Iron Man or Captain America is going to need a facelift moving from page to screen–there’s just too much history and continuity there to wrangle for them not to. It’s more unusual for Marvel’s new characters to be given a major overhaul–the Miles Morales we meet in Enter the Spider-Verse is, with only a handful of minor exceptions, the same guy you would recognize from the comics, for example. The combination of built-in modern sensibilities and a lack of decades-long continuity just helps grease the adaptation wheels.

And then, there’s Kamala Khan. In Marvel’s latest Disney+ TV show, Ms. Marvel, Kamala was given her live-action debut–and with it came some massive changes to both her story and her superpowers. But, as a hero who was invented less than a decade ago, this makes her something of an anomaly. Thankfully, Marvel has an ace-in-the-hole to make sure these changes, atypical as they may be, run smoothly. Sana Amanat, Director of Content and Character Development at Marvel, co-created Kamala in the comics and has now been brought over as a co-executive producer on the show, giving her the chance to shepherd not one but two distinct versions of Kamala into the spotlight.

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