My Cat Wasn’t Impressed With Stray, But I Think It Looks Wonderful

I’m sorry, BlueTwelve Studio. I know I wasn’t supposed to bring in any outsiders for the Stray demo, but I just figured having my cat sitting in attendance wouldn’t harm anyone. Penny is shy and doesn’t really talk to strangers after all. Turns out she’s not huge on Stray either–she refused to pay attention to the stream and walked off after a few minutes. I don’t know what her problem was, because I think Stray looks like a wonderful time.

Stray sees you play as a lost cat, who has fallen into a mysterious cyberpunk-inspired city. Hurt and separated from his friends and family, this stray seeks a means of returning to the world above. On his journey, the stray will encounter human-like robot citizens that whom he can interact with, eventually gaining a means of understanding and communicating with them when he acquires a robot companion that can translate for him.

You can absolutely get distracted by just doing cat things, too. Stray includes plenty of avenues for you to be an absolutely adorable menace that terrorizes the populace by knocking over objects, jumping onto tables, or meowing at a closed door until you’re allowed entry.

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