Preorder Mario Strikers: Battle League At A Nice Discount

Mario Strikers: Battle League, the next big Nintendo Switch exclusive, is only a couple days away. The arcade soccer sim releases this Friday, June 10. If you haven’t preordered a copy yet, we have an exclusive discount that will allow you to save big on your order at Daily Steals. Simply enter promo code GSMSBL at checkout, and you’ll get Mario Strikers: Battle League for only $49.

This deal comes with free shipping, but just a heads up: Your order won’t ship until launch day. If you’re willing to wait a few extra days to join the Mushroom Kingdom gang on the pitch, this is likely the best deal you’ll find in the coming weeks–maybe even months. We’ve yet to see Mario Strikers: Battle League preorders discounted at a major retailer, and as of late, Switch exclusives haven’t been getting their usual launch discounts at Walmart. And Nintendo’s first-party games in general are well-known for maintaining the full $60 price for a long time.

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