Review Roundup For Mario Strikers: Battle League

The 2000s marked a bit of a heyday for Nintendo’s sports offerings and among its gems was Mario Strikers, a crown jewel in the shape of an arcade-soccer game with an emphasis on striking. The oft cartoonishly violent and over-the-top series was a party staple like little else: How many other soccer games let you flatten a goalie with giant hammers just to sink a shot?

We never got much out of the Mario Strikers series though, with the last game releasing on the Nintendo Wii in 2007. However, Nintendo has begun resurrecting some of its long-forgotten series lately, including the Wii Sports franchise with this spring’s Nintendo Switch Sports, and now it’s Mario Strikers: Battle League‘s time to shine. Unfortunately, it seems Nintendo has opted for a pared-down “less is more” kind of approach–though that hasn’t stopped folks from having fun with the same chaos Mario Strikers has always dealt in. In GameSpot’s Mario Strikers: Battle League review, we said that the game was “a thin package, without very much variety in terms of game modes and options. But it is a more technically complex game than many of the Mario sports titles, which may give it legs for dedicated players.”

GameSpot’s sister site Metacritic puts Mario Strikers: Battle League at an aggregated score of 75 and lists a range of reviews from around the industry in case you’d like to know what others think of Nintendo’s latest sports game revival.

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