Xbox Game Pass Adding Streaming For Non-Game Pass Titles Soon

Xbox Game Pass Ultimate subscribers will soon be able to stream a selection of Xbox games they personally own to other devices–yes, that means games that aren’t in the Xbox Game Pass library will finally be cloud-compatible.

Announced on June 9, the new feature doesn’t yet have a release date, but Microsoft is aiming to have it available by the end of the year. Microsoft said it will let you play “select” games you own from outside the Game Pass library, which could mean some are still off the table, but it moves us closer to a future where all your games are available anytime, anywhere. This also addresses situations where games like Destiny 2, which was playable in the cloud through Game Pass for a period of time, are removed from the service and thus removed as a cloud game.

Not on Game Pass? You might still be able to stream it.

The initiative was announced alongside plans to bring Xbox Game Pass support to 2022 Samsung smart TVs by the end of June. Presumably, this setup will also support playing games you own via your Xbox account it becomes available later this year.

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