Devolver Digital Summer Showcase 2022: Every Game Announced

Devolver is never one to show up empty handed to conference season–or say “no” a whole lot of swear words and theatrics. This year’s summer showcase was no exception, as the studio managed to squeeze in a mecha Suda51, their own take on The Neverending Story theme song, several jabs at the state of the games industry, and five cool-as-hell looking games. In case you missed it, here’s a roundup of what was shown during the event.

Cult of the Lamb

First announced earlier this year, we now have a release date for the game that is equal parts creepy and cute: August 11. In Cult of the Lamb, you play as a possessed lamb who must start a cult in order to pay back the strange spirit who saved his life. Collect resources, gain loyal followers, and rid the world of false prophets to become the one true cult and lamb god. Cult of the Lamb will release on PC and all consoles on August 11.

Anger Foot

The aptly named Anger Foot does, in fact, feature a lot of anger and at least one very powerful foot. Set in the, uh, “caffeine-fuelled fever dream of Shit City,” Anger Foot sees you play as a man who is exceptionally good at two things: kicking down doors and taking out mobsters. As you traverse the city’s sewers and skyscrapers, you’ll acquire new kicks with unique skills for your deadly door-stomper to try out. The lighting-fast, FPS action game hits PC in 2023.

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