Outriders: Worldslayer’s Endgame Makes It Easier To Chase Sick Loot

Finding the right cadence of endgame activities is key for a game like Outriders, which straddles the line between RPG and loot-shooter sensibilities. While Outriders is mostly a story-based game about wrecking enemies with ridiculous weapons and physics-manipulating powers, it also borrows a lot from live games–including the need to keep players engaged long-term with activities that kick off once the main campaign is done. Outriders’ upcoming expansion, Worldslayer, is bringing a big new endgame activity to the game, one that looks like it’s taking smart ideas from other games.

People Can Fly gave GameSpot another look at Worldslayer during Summer Game Fest 2022. In addition to more hands-on time with Worldslayer’s new story campaign, which included a little more content than what we played back in April, the developer provided a deeper, hands-off dive into Worldslayer’s endgame and answered questions about what players can expect from it.

That endgame activity is a replayable dungeon called the Trial of Tarya Gratar, which will throw challenges at players that you won’t find anywhere else in the game. The dungeon looks to be built in a similar way to other locations and missions in Outriders, where you run up against a series of battles as you progress through a space. Unlike other spaces in Outriders, though, you’ll run through Tarya Gratar repeatedly for additional loot–and according to People Can Fly, you can even farm certain encounters to tune the kind of loot you receive.

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