Star Trek: Resurgence Hands-on Preview – Spock Will Remember That

A diplomatic incident is brewing. At the edge of the galaxy, two peoples are on the brink of war, fighting over mining rights to the incredibly important resource dilithium, the stuff that makes starships go. The Federation starship Resolute arrives in the system, intent on helping negotiate peace as a neutral intermediary–or at least, that’s the claim. As you join the diplomatic delegation, which includes the legendary Ambassador Spock, though, you become aware of competing interests: namely, the Federation’s need to keep the dilithium flowing to fuel its ships.

When Star Trek gets the video game treatment, the focus tends to be on all the stuff, like ships and phasers, and the battles they enable. It’s true that Star Trek has its share of action, especially among its film offerings. But some of the best and most memorable moments of the Star Trek TV shows–particularly during its 1990s heyday–concerned interpersonal conflicts, political machinations, and tense diplomacy. It’s those moments that Star Trek: Resurgence looks to capture, putting the focus on tough decision-making and dialogue, rather than on managing power distribution on the Resolute’s bridge or landing headshots with a phaser.

We played about a half-hour of Resurgence at Summer Game Fest, playing through three quick scenes of the game that set up its brewing conflict. Like the best episodes of Star Trek, the three scenes we saw in Resurgence mixed a variety of parallel stories, bringing together personal conflicts and sci-fi space weirdness. You play as two characters through the course of Resurgence: Commander Jara Rydek, the Resolute’s new second-in-command, and Petty Officer Carter Diaz, a low-ranking engineer. While Rydek grapples with the diplomatic tensions of the negotiations between the Alydians and the Hotari, Carter is pushing buttons on LCARS consoles and flying shuttlecraft in hopes of figuring out what space problems are messing with the Federation ship. Of course, there’s more to that spacial anomaly than just anomalistic space–something sinister is going on, and as in the best Trek episodes, the intrepid crew has to solve the mystery, help the locals, and stay true to their principles as best they can.

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