PlayStation Plus Premium/Extra: Pricing, Free Monthly Games, And Everything We Know

PlayStation has now officially rolled out its long-rumored and awaited revamp for PlayStation Plus. The new-and-improved version of PS Plus essentially combines the classic PlayStation Plus with some aspects of its former other subscription service, PlayStation Now. The new tiers are all under the Plus umbrella, and titled Essential, Extra, and Premium. The tiers offer service ranging from what you’ve come to expect from the standard PS Plus to a huge library of current and classic PlayStation games. Here’s everything you need to know about the revised PlayStation Plus.

PS Plus now has tiers

The biggest change PS Plus users will notice are the new tiers. Since its inception, PS Plus has always been one offering that gave the same benefits to everyone who bought in–online multiplayer, exclusive discounts, cloud storage, and most importantly, free monthly games. With the PS5, PlayStation even added the PS Plus Collection, which brought a number of PS4 titles to PS5 users for free as long as they maintained a subscription. Now, more benefits have been added to PS Plus as long as folks are willing to pay a higher premium for the two new tiers. Here’s a breakdown of the new tiers and what they include:

PlayStation Plus Essential features and price

PlayStation Plus Essential is the lowest tier of PS Plus subscriptions and is essentially a rebrand of the service as it previously existed. If you are interested in keeping the exact same service at the exact same price, this is the one for you. That means you’ll get multiplayer access, PS Plus discounts, cloud storage, and a distribution of free games across PS4 and PS5 every month. You’ll also maintain access to the PS Plus Collection, which includes PS4 titles like Bloodborne and The Last of Us Remastered.

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