Best Classic Games On PlayStation Plus Premium

One of the perks of the new PlayStation Plus Premium subscription service is access to a number of classic games from the PlayStation vaults. While the list of PS Plus Classics is still small, Sony has confirmed that you can expect its retro library to grow in time. For those fans of retro gaming who don’t own a PS2, PS3, or PS Vita, this option is the next-best thing. In addition to quality-of-life upgrades, select games also come with trophy support, just in case you always wanted a few retro kudos for your efforts in classic titles.

Keep in mind that the classics library–PS1, PS2, and PSP–is only available to PlayStation Plus Premium members. The classics library mostly contains PS1 and PS2 at the moment, with just a couple of PSP games up for grabs. Streaming PS3 games on PS Plus also requires a Premium membership. But essentially, if you’re looking for some nostalgia, you should opt for the Premium membership over the slightly cheaper Extra subscription.

Our list of the best classics for PlayStation Plus Premium members includes some all-time greats that will take you back to the age of CRT TVs and wired controllers. But now you can play them with your fancy wireless DualSense controller and on a gorgeous display. We’ve excluded PS4 remasters of classic games that originally released on PS1, PS2, or PSP. That means you won’t find Patapon or Locoroco on this list.

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