Bloodline: Heroes Of Lithas Is Just Another Mobile RPG, Despite Its Lineage

I’ve spent a good amount of time with a preview build of Bloodline: Heroes of Lithas over the past week. I’ve fought hordes of enemies, managed my kingdom, courted a companion or two, and raised heirs resulting from those courtships. On the surface, the game has all the hallmarks of a typical mobile RPG: multiple currencies, menus upon menus, and rudimentary auto-battling gameplay with the occasional tap to activate a character’s ultimate attack. Start to dig below the surface, however, and you’ll find…nothing, because that’s as far as the game goes.

You begin Bloodline by creating a character: you choose from a few preset races, do some light customization, name your new hero, and assume the throne of your kingdom. At the start there’s not much to do in the kingdom itself, so you set off on your journey through the story, accepting missions and fighting through the hordes.

Don’t blink while playing through these missions, however, or you might miss the action. That’s slight hyperbole, but not by much; missions really do fly by. The two factions mindlessly attack one another, dealing damage with each attack. Eventually the boxes for your party members light up one by one, and you tap them to activate that character’s strongest move. Once the enemies are defeated, you see a victory screen, maybe watch a “cutscene” of two characters talking to each other while reading their dialogue, then go into the next fight. There’s no meat on the bone, just mindless watching with the occasional tap as you wait for the last enemy to fall so you can move on.

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