Xenoblade Chronicles 3 Nintendo Direct Coming This Week

Nintendo has confirmed plans to hold a Nintendo Direct briefing this week, but it’s not the event that some might have wanted or expected. The company will host a Xenoblade Chronicles 3 briefing on Wednesday, June 22, with the focus being that game and that game only.

Rumor has it there will be another Nintendo Direct taking place June 29 that many are hoping is Nintendo’s traditional big-time summer showcase, but that’s only speculation so far. Reporter Jeff Grubb of GameSpot sister site Giant Bomb said Nintendo will host multiple summer events this year, with more to come later in June, so fans holding out hope for a bigger Not-E3 event could still get it.

As for what to expect in this week’s Nintendo Direct, viewers can look forward to about 20 minutes of information about Xenoblade Chronicles 3 for Nintendo Switch.

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