Ms. Marvel Episode 3: All The Easter Eggs, Clues, And MCU References You May Have Missed

Kree? Ta Lo? Asgard? Kamala Khan is getting in way over her head as Ms. Marvel continues on Disney+.

Ms. Marvel has reached its official midway point with Episode 3, “Destined” arriving on Disney+ today–and, unsurprisingly, Kamala is finding herself in quite a bit of trouble, though it’s not all coming from the agents of Damage Control or her school bullies. Following her vaguely superheroic exploits, Kamala found herself taken in by the new kid, Kamran, and his family–which could have been great (Kamala’s got something of a crush) but it turns out there were ulterior motives in play. Kamran and his family are harboring a secret that may cause Kamala even more trouble.

This episode brought about plenty of revelations about Kamala’s new super heroic origins, her family’s history, and even the mythology of the MCU which is continuing to expand at an exponential rate. With possible ties to Shang Chi and aliens, Kamala’s story is proving to be one of the most intricate of Phase 4’s newly introduced characters–though there are still plenty of questions left unanswered and mysteries left to explore.

We found five essential Easter Eggs and nods to the MCU in this episode you won’t want to miss if you’re trying to connect the dots before the finale in three weeks. Let us know your theories in the comments below!

New episodes of Ms. Marvel arrive on Disney+ every Wednesday.

1.) Djinn

In the comics, Kamala was an Inhuman whose latent DNA was activated by exposure to the Terrigen mists. In the MCU, however, she’s a “djinn,” which is simultaneously a reference to a real world piece of folklore from the Middle East and Southeast Asia about monstrous supernatural beings who behaved both benevolently and maliciously depending on the story. Marvel’s djinn are anything but supernatural, however, and instead refugees from another dimension–likely another Earth in the multiverse or a magical alternate reality like Asgard or, perhaps Ta Lo.

2.) Clan Destined

Another term used to describe the djinn is the Clan Destined, obviously a play on the word “clandestine.” In the comics, the Clan Destined were a group of superpowered individuals who descended from the immortal Adam of Destine and a djinn named Elalyth. They were introduced back in the early ’90s and their story largely resembles the story of the MCU Eternals–one of family members even stars in an action movie franchise. They’re not necessarily a team of superheroes, though they are occasionally pressured to act as such thanks to their powers and immortality.

3.) The Kree?

It’s impossible to tell with what little we’re told but it sure looks like the bangle originally came from an alien with blue skin–possibly a Kree soldier, who are the only blue humanoids in the MCU right now. This would also further tie Kamala to Carol Danvers, given Carol’s Kree DNA. Though it’s difficult to speculate what the Kree would have been doing with a magical bangle.

4.) The Ten Rings?

It certainly looks like the temple the bangle was found in was dedicated to the Ten Rings, the organization run by Wenwu for generations in secret. We got a closer look at the Ten Rings, Wenwu, and his son Shang-Chi in Shang Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings, but the movie never touched upon what the Rings would have been doing in India during the ’40s–or how they could potentially be connected to the Kree.

5.) Dr. Selvig

Of course Thor’s Dr. Selvig has a paper on interdimensional travel. Hilariously, whether Selvig is a credible source within the MCU or not is kind of up for debate–he gets brought up on the semi-regular, but the context seems to differ wildly. Maybe people started to believe he was actually serious and not some crackpot after the events of Endgame.

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