Naraka Bladepoint Tier List: All 12 Characters Ranked

Naraka Bladepoint has officially made the jump from PC to Xbox and it’s included in Xbox Game Pass. That means plenty of new players are jumping in for the first time and could use some extra information to help them in this melee-focused battle royale. You can check out GameSpot’s new player guide for generic tips, but this guide is focused on telling you which characters are the best, so you know who to try out first and who to skip.

Similar to Apex Legends, Naraka Bladepoint has multiple named characters, each with their own unique set of abilities. There are 12 characters currently in Naraka Bladepoint, six of whom are available to players right off the bat. Each character also has two additional variants for both of their abilities that can be unlocked by completing character specific quests during matches.

The other characters can be unlocked by earning the in-game silver currency by completing quests and leveling up, or they can be unlocked by buying them with gold, the paid currency, with each character costing roughly $5.

The following tier list puts the characters into order based on their potential damage output, as well as the flexibility and usage of their abilities. Naraka Bladepoint is balanced enough that you can’t just pick the best character and win every match, but it will give you a leg up, especially as you take time to learn the combat system and other mechanics of the game. Some of the abilities also come down to personal preference, so try out a few different characters and see which makes the most sense for your own playstyle.

12. Kurumi

Despite being the only dedicated healer in Naraka Baldepoint, Kurumi is at the bottom of the list. There are a few reasons for Kurumi being bottom tier, but the main reason is that her skill doesn’t work unless you are playing in duos or trios and her ultimate ability is unfortunately limited. Kurumi’s skill grants healing, with the option to reduce the healing in favor of additional damage or reduced damage taken. However, those stat buffs apply to whichever teammate Kurumi attaches to for the duration of the skill. Without a teammate to attach to, the effects of the skill are significantly lessened.

As for Kurumi’s ultimate ability, it can create a circle of healing or shield repair, or do both, but not over time, depending on the ability chosen. While being able to either heal over time or get extra health quickly can be beneficial, healing items are in abundance around the map and having a more offense-focused ability is better. Kurumi certainly isn’t bad in duos or trios, but she is too support-focused in a combat-focused game.

11. Justina Gu

Justina Gu uses ice-based abilities to defend herself and teammates, while also freezing some enemies. Justina Gu gets placed lower on this due to her skill not being useful in most situations. Her skill allows her to freeze herself and resist damage for a short period, with an unlockable version also freezing her teammates. The problem here is that unless you are using the ability to wait out an enemy ultimate or skill, the enemy can just charge an attack, waiting for your freeze to end. If you freeze yourself in trio or duos, you are leaving your teammates out to dry.

Justina Gu does have a solid ultimate ability, although it requires some precision. Arctic Wraith gives her a slight attack increase, while changing her skill to Shadowswipe, which lets her dash through enemies. The enemies take a small amount of damage and freeze, but the dash can be a bit difficult to hit. There is an unlockable version that lets Justina Gu send freezing sword swipes that is a bit easier to hit, but still not as powerful as other ultimate abilities.

10. Wuchen

Wuchen has a solid skill, but an unfortunately complicated ultimate that can easily be interrupted if used in combat. Wuchen’s skill, Spirit Blades, summons 5 blades that stay for 60 seconds. Using the skill again will fire them, either one at a time or rapidly, dealing a decent amount of damage to enemies. If Wuchen takes fatal damage while he has swords still active, the swords will block the damage, giving you a second chance, which can be extremely helpful in a tight spot.

His ultimate, Tai Chi Rift, places a rift down. Using the ability again opens the rift, buffing all allies in range and after 1.5 seconds, teleports all nearby allies and Wuchen to the rift, giving either a damage buff or damage reduction depending on how much health you have. The biggest issue here is that Tai Chi Rift cannot be used while under attack, so you either need to find a way to disengage long enough to use it in combat or try opening a fight with it. Not being able to use the ultimate in combat is a big downside.

9. Tianhai

At this point in the tier list, every character has some strong positives, with others just having more. Tianhai has a great ultimate and a solid skill, although the skill just amplifies certain abilities. Tainhai’s skill, The Divine Bell, provides a temporary shield against physical attacks. The shield only lasts a few moments though, so it needs to be well-timed. The skill can be upgraded to either parry or blast enemies away, although the parry works just like the normal parry all characters can do anyway.

Tianhai’s ultimate, Titan’s Call, transforms him into a massive Varja. His health and attack stats in this mode are based on the rarity of his armor or weapons. In this state you can grab enemies and then smash them on the ground. This can only be done in open areas and the amount of damage done isn’t super high, although none of the damage taken in this state carries over when it ends. It’s a strong ultimate, although it likely won’t result in a ton of kills.

8. Takeda Nobutada

Takeda has some great abilities, but both of them require a decent amount of player skill to maximize their output. His skill, Mythic Grab, is an advanced version of the parry. For 10 seconds, if attacked by a blue charged attack, Takeda will take the attacker’s weapon and perform a counter attack. Most players perform blue charged attacks regularly, since they are typically hard to counter, but you will still need to have the game sense to use it at the appropriate time.

Takeda’s ultimate, Demonic Aid, summons a spirit, Furen, which will assist in attacking enemies. During the ultimate, the skill also changes to a command, which will send Furen after the enemy. There is also an alternate version that is a teleport that deals high damage in a specific area. The default version of the ultimate requires you to continue attacking enemies and performing well in normal combat, but boosts your damage output.

7. Temulch

Temluch’s abilities are based around sandstorms, which causes enemies to be slowed. Slowing enemies is certainly helpful in chasing down some kills, but neither of his abilities deal enough damage to put him in the top tier. His skill, Zephyr Wisp, summons three wards around Temulch, each one able to block a ranged attack. Tlmulch can also activate the skill again to fire the wisps, creating a short whirlwind that knocks down the enemy it hits.

His ultimate, Zephyr Prison, has Temulch leap forward through the air, creating a large sandstorm around the area he lands. Players that attempt to pass through the storm wall will be slowed down, Temulch and his teammates are unaffected by the storm. This ability is good for zoning enemies and slowing them down, but you will still need to get in some attacks to actually deal damage.

6. Yueshan

Yueshan has a mediocre skill, but his ultimate ability is great for overpowering enemies. Yueshan’s skill, Line Breaker, is incredibly simple. It is a short dash that knocks enemies back and deals damage. It can be used while being attacked, but it can also be easily dodge if the enemy moves to the side even slightly.

Yueshan’s ultimate, Troop Decimation, turns him into the Almighty General, giving him a terracotta armor shell and a massive spear. Yueshan can move quickly in this form. He can break through blue charged attacks and deal a ton of damage to enemies during the 25-second duration. This ultimate is great to pull out if you are losing a fight or if there are multiple enemies in a small area.

5. Tarka Ji

Tarka’s skill, Inner Fire, lets him withstand physical attacks for three seconds and can counterattack if he is hit, setting the enemy on fire. There is also an unlockable version of this skill that is just him shooting a massive fireball at an enemy. Burning an enemy causes them to take damage over time and reduces their healing. This ability can give a quick advantage in a fight, as long as it’s well-timed.

Tarka earns this spot on the list due to his ultimate, Blackout. Blackout provides a buff to Tarka, who sets himself on fire. He can spread these flames to enemies and gains a massive increase in agility. While this buff does rely on your own combat abilities, the increase in agility means you can attack much faster than enemies and dodge with ease. It’s pretty hard to take down Tarka while he is using Blackout, making it a quality ultimate.

4. Viper Ning

Viper Ning has two great abilities, one providing a quick hit of damage and the other stunning enemies for a long time. Her skill, Yushan Enigma, lets her deal damage to an enemy and can interrupt a blue charged attack. Since blue charged attacks can only really be blocked by another blue charged attack, this skill can be used to get out of a situation where the enemy might be about to deal a ton of damage to you.

Viper’s ultimate, Twilight Crimson, is a little funky to use, but once you understand it, it can easily win fights for you. Upon activation, everyone within the nearby circle gets an icon over their heads and after five seconds, they all get stunned for five seconds. You can’t attack during the charge, but you also can’t get interrupted. Enemies marked by it can’t use grappling hooks, so they have no real avenue for escape. The stun is long enough for you to completely charge an attack, dealing roughly 50% of an enemy’s full health and armor, which can turn the tide of battle.

3. Valda Cui

Valda Cui is the queen of the ocean and uses water-based abilities, both of which are easy to use and set you up to deal big damage. Her skill, Haze, sends out a Tide Trap, which is a big water bubble. Any enemy hit by it or that runs into is trapped in it for two seconds. If you trap an enemy, you typically have enough time to at least partially charge an attack, setting up a decent chunk of free damage. It also has a very short cooldown, so if you open a fight with it, you might have time to use it twice.

Her ultimate, Nether Nightmare, sends out a wide wave in one direction. Any enemies hit are sent up in water tornadoes and remain there until the ultimate ends. After hitting an enemy, Valda rises into the air and gets to throw a water spear at one of the enemies. This deals a strong amount of damage, scaling based on your current weapon’s rarity. The ultimate is wide enough that you can land it the majority of time and hitting the follow up spear is very easy, so this ultimate lets you deal a ton of damage without too much effort.

2. Matari

Both of Matari’s abilities are more focused on stealth than damage, but her ability to get out of nearly any situation makes her a top-tier character. Her skill, Silent Flutter, lets her teleport in a straight line, either on the ground or in the air. The longer you charge, the further the teleport, up to a max distance. This can be used to escape losing battles, or to catch up to someone trying to escape from you.

Matari’s ultimate, Unseen Wings, turns her invisible for 16 seconds. There is a slight outline when moving and you are completely invisible when standing still. While the ultimate is active, the skill ability can be used to teleport behind an enemy and perform a special attack. While the special attack is nice, 16 seconds of being difficult to see is more than enough time to run away completely, or stop and use healing items. This ability can get you out of nearly any fight, earning Matari the number two spot on the list.

1. Yoto Hime

Yoto Hime has the most powerful kit in Naraka Bladepoint and it’s not even close. Both of her abilities are easy to hit and deal a massive amount of damage. Neither ability leaves her open to attacks either, so there really is no downside to using them. Her skill, Spirit Slash, throws her blade towards enemies dealing damage. Once it hits an enemy, it hangs in the air briefly, allowing Yoto to teleport to the blade and slash again. If you kill someone while the ability is on cooldown, it automatically resets, so there is no reason to not use it in every single fight.

Her ultimate, Ominous Blade, launches her up in the air. She can throw out three massive slashes during the ultimate. After each slash is thrown out, she has the option to teleport to it before throwing the next one. These slashes deal massive amounts of damage and knock back enemies. They also auto-aim with strong accuracy, so you shouldn’t have any trouble hitting an enemy. Between the ultimate and the skill, Yoto Hime can deal at least 50% damage, if not closer to 70%, before ever using her normal weapons in a fight.

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