Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel Guide: Safe Code, Elevator Puzzle, And More

Fobia: St. Dinfna Hotel is a new horror game, but it clearly takes its cues from genre classics like Silent Hill and Resident Evil. That’s most apparent when it comes to its confounding puzzles, seen throughout the game. If you find yourself stumped by the game’s back-tracking, item combinations, or otherworldly camera, use our guide to solve all puzzles in the first of three acts in the game. Here’s how to get through the game’s first section in the hotel, including the elevator puzzle, finding a tricky safe code, and the locations of plenty of keys.

Fobia – exploring the hotel

After an out-of-context intro in a prison, you’ll meet the journalist protagonist, Roberto Leite Lopes, who arrives at the Santa Dinfna Hotel to greet a fittingly creepy receptionist. A fast-moving montage will depict Lopes’ investigation into the strange hotel and reports of a “gas mask girl” seen on the premises. Eventually, he’s knocked out and regains consciousness just as you’re given control of the character again.

Hotel room

The door will be locked, but if you’re reading this, you may already know all that. Here’s how to escape the hotel room. First, grab the backpack on the desk so you can expand your inventory, Resident Evil-style. Beside the locked door, grab the metal object with numbers on it.

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