Ms. Marvel Episode 4: All The Easter Eggs And References You May Have Missed

Ms. Marvel continues with “Seeing Red” on Disney+, bringing a new character, new information, and a new existential thre

We’re passed the halfway point in Ms. Marvel with Episode 4, “Seeing Red” dropping on Disney+ today. This week, we follow Kamala to Pakistan where she visits her family and tries to uncover more about the strange truth of the bangle–and her heritage as a Djinn. But, naturally, everything doesn’t go according to plan and the Clandestine are only one or two steps behind her the whole way.

Thankfully, even though she’s halfway around the world and far away from Bruno and Nakia, Kamala isn’t without allies. This week we meet yet another new character (who comics fans might recognize) who happens to be in Kamala’s corner. We also get some more important information regarding both the Djinn and the Clandestine that helps slot them into the MCU’s bigger picture and lore–at least, to a degree. It’s too soon to say for sure what any of this might mean for the future, both in Phase 4 as a whole and for Kamala in The Marvels, but as of right now things are starting to make sense. We really hope you’ve caught up with Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, because a lot of the topics covered there end up intersecting (probably) with the things talked about here. But, then again, it could just be a coincidence–afterall, it wouldn’t be the first time the MCU has played with two similar but different metaphysical concepts.

We’ve rounded up a list of Easter eggs, details, and references this week for you to use as you build out your theories and connect the dots for yourself. Only two more episodes remain of this season, so we’re definitely in the home stretch!

New episodes of Ms. Marvel arrive on Disney+ every Wednesday.

1.) Welcome to Karachi

Ms. Marvel Episode 4 takes Kamala to Karachi, Pakistan, and while much of the TV show has been updated or changed from the comics, it is still leaning heavily on the source material for inspiration. A lot of this episode is borrowed directly from a story arc in the comics where Kamala visits Karachi and meets Red Dagger–though, obviously, the context (and events of) the visit have been changed.

2.) Another QR code

By now, you’re probably used to the Disney+ MCU shows adding functional QR codes, but in case you need a refresher, they almost always lead you to a free digital comic. This episode offers up another code, and a free Ms. Marvel book if you use it.

3.) Ant-Man again

It seems like Scott Lang has been pretty busy in the world, off camera, during Phase 4. Not only does he have an autobiographical podcast, but he’s got international graffiti dedicated to him. Kamala finds this piece in the train station.

4.) Red Dagger(s)

In the comics, Red Dagger is a vigilante based out of Karachi, but here in the MCU, they’re a whole lineage of people who are meant to fight the Clandestine–they’ve even got their own secret headquarters.

5.) Come with me if you want to live

Though Kareem’s status as Red Dagger may have been changed for the show, his personality remains largely the same–including an incredibly nerdy Terminator joke that he throws in off the cuff, confusing Kamala.

6.) Another realm

We get more exposition this week involving Kamala’s Djinn origins and the nature of the Clandestine, complete with a map showing how the two alternate realities “co-exist.” They’re layered on top of each other, which certainly makes it seem like the Djinn’s reality is an alternate Earth rather than a mystical pocket dimension like Ta Lo. In the MCU, this alternate world is called the Noor Dimension.

7.) An incursion?

Waleed explains the danger of the bangle falling into the Clandestine’s hands, extrapolating that when it’s used it could unleash the Noor dimension onto the world Kamala knows–which, if you’ve seen Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness, sounds an awful lot like what happens during an incursion between two alternate Earths.

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