The Boys Season 3: The 18 Wildest And Bloodiest Moments

Prime Video’s The Boys is winding down on Amazon, with a couple episodes left to air. Throughout Season 3, we’ve seen some incredibly intense and unbelievable moments that are burned into our memories forever. But what are some of the wildest moments of the season?

The Boys takes place in a world where superheroes exist, and are controlled by a corporation. Additionally, these “supes” tend to get up to some pretty horrible and illegal activities when they’re not saving the world. That’s when the titular “Boys” come into play. They’re a group of normal folk who want to put superheroes abusing their powers. It’s violent, bloody, and not for children.

Going back through everything that’s happened so far between episodes 1-6, we found the 18 bloodiest and wildest moments of the season–many of which left our jaws open because we couldn’t believe what we saw. Check out the 18 bloodiest and wildest moments of Season 3.

Warning: The following gallery contains spoilers for Season 3 of The Boys along with imagery and language containing violence and sex.

In GameSpot’s review of The Boys, Mat Elfring said, “The Boys continues to be one of the best superhero TV shows. It’s a series that knows its identity and leans in hard to it every single season. It continues to grow and evolve the world it lives in without losing that identity either. The cast is delivering some of the best performances of the series here as well. The Boys Season 3 is a must-watch for summer viewing.”

1. Having sex with a toy (Episode 1)

Get ready for a wild string of events. First, we see Termite (Brett Geddes) at a party having sex with a doll–one that looks a bit like a Barbie, but totally isn’t one–as a male doll–probably Ken but totally not Ken–looks on. As far as Termite goes this season, that’s the tamest thing he does.

2. Climbing into a penis (Episode 1)

After finishing up with “not Barbie,” things get a bit more intimate as Termite shrinks down and climbs into the penis of a lover in order to sexually satisfy him. It’s probably one of the most “I can’t believe this is happening” scenes in the series. I also can’t believe I’m writing about it.

3. Growing in size, while you’re inside a penis (Episode 1)

Termite has a bit too much cocaine, and he ends up sneezing. However, sneezing in tiny form makes him grow in size, and because of this, he rips the guy he’s having sex with right in half, creating a bloody mess.

4. Homelander gets gratification from Stormfront (Episode 1)

Stormfront (Aya Cash) is still alive, but clinging to life in a hospital bed, barely recognizable. Homelander (Antony Starr) is having some personal issues and Stormfront gets handsy with him, while she lays in the hospital bed.

5. Victoria Neuman explodes a man’s face (Episode 1)

Meeting with a man named Tony in an alley–who knows Victoria Neuman (Claudia Doumit) is a supe–she gets into a brawl with her old friend after not going with his plan, and trying to explode his head. By the end of the fight, Tony’s face is blown up.

6. Crimson Countess blows up a Homelander mascot (Episode 2)

While being chased by Frenchie (Tomer Capone) and Kimiko (Karen Fukuhara), Crimson Countess (Laurie Holden) uses her powers out in the open at a Seven theme park, blowing up a Homelander mascot, which gets blood all over everyone.

7. The Deep talks dirty to an octopus (Episode 3)

While having sex with a human, The Deep (Chace Crawford) talks dirty to an octopus.

8. Black Noir hurt (Episode 3)

During a battle in the past, Black Noir (Nathan Mitchell) was injured. We get to see what he looks like before he puts the helmet on for good, as his face is disfigured.

9. The Deep eats a friend (Episode 3)

In order to get back in the good graces of Homelander, The Deep is put in a bit of a predicament. He has to eat a live Octopus, and because Deep can talk to sea life, this makes it very difficult for him. RIP Timothy.

Learn more about filming the scene in our interview with Chace Crawford.

10. Soldier Boy sings (Episode 4)

So not everything on this list is about sex, drugs, and rock n’ roll. Sometimes, there are weird moments on The Boys that take us by surprise. Soldier Boy (Jensen Ackles) appears on the show Solid Gold to sing his rendition of “Rapture” by Blondie.

You can read what Ackles thought of the character Soldier Boy.

11. Kimiko uses sex toys as weapons (Episode 4)

During a fight, Kimiko has to use what’s available, and the only accessible thing are a bunch of sex toys. So she uses them to kill multiple people. One of the vibrators she uses to kill a man starts vibrating when he hits the floor, as blood splatters everywhere.

12. A musical moment (Episode 5)

There have been numerous moments of Kimiko almost finding her voice, alluding to a musical number happening, but in Episode 5, we finally get a Gene Kelly-esque song and dance sequence with Kimiko and Frenchie. The duo dance around a hospital with patients joining in the fun.

You can learn more about this musical moment in an interview with showrunner Eric Kripke and actor Karen Fukuhara, who plays Kimiko. And here’s another interview about the possibility of another musical episode.

13. Crimson Countess’ video caller (Episode 5)

Crimson Countess is camming and the man paying her is played by none other than executive producer Seth Rogan.

14. Imagine (Episode 6)

The episode opens up with The Deep on YouTube telling everyone to come together, and he then begins singing John Lennon’s “Imagine.” We also see a bunch of celebrities singing as well, including Patton Oswalt, Mila Kunis, Ashton Kutcher, Elizabeth Banks, Kumail Nanjiani, Aisha Tyler, and Rose Byrne.

15. Love Sausage’s sausage gets too close for comfort (Episode 6)

Starlight and MM (Laz Alonso) unknowingly stumble into Herogasm, a sex party for supes. Love Sausage greets them at the door and his “sausage” gets way too close for comfort for MM. You can’t see what’s going on because we censored it, but it’s a giant penis that moves like a prehensile tail.

16. “Throwing ropes” (Episode 6)

After getting some bodily fluid on his jacket, MM went to look for a place to clean up. He opened one of the doors at Herogasm to which a man yelled “throwing ropes.” After this, a large amount of bodily fluid hit him. And by “large amount,” we mean buckets full of it.

To learn more about this scene, check out our interview with Eric Kripke and Laz Alonso about filming and what was in the fluid.

17. Deep has sex with an octopus (Episode 6)

The Deep was already at Herogasm before MM and Starlight arrived, and while looking around the place, Starlight bumped into The Deep in a private room. However, Deep was already involved in some sexual escapades himself, as he was having sex with an octopus.

18. A-Train ends Blue Hawk (Episode 6)

After numerous issues with Blue Hawk, A-Train had enough and grabbed him by foot outside of Herogasm and dragged him down the road. The journey obliterated him, leaving most of his upper-torso a pile of flesh and bone.

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