Dicey Dungeons Getting Free DLC And A Mobile Release

Dicey Dungeons, the roguelike with little anthropomorphized dice as the heroes, is getting more a mobile version, as well as a free update adding loads of new content. Both the update and iOS and Android versions are coming side-by-side, on July 7.

The new content is called Dicey Dungeons: Reunion, according to the official site. It includes six new episodes, with new art and music, comprising about 4-5 hours of gameplay. That content will be available on PC and Switch, as well as the new mobile platforms on day one. In a handful of screenshots, Distractionware showed off new environments and gameplay elements.

Dicey Dungeons is a roguelike, so you pick a class and proceed through the adventure taking on enemies and selecting upgrades. But since it’s all dice-based, your characters are different colored D6 dice and all of your moves revolve around random rolls. The strategy comes out in using the dice rolls to maximize your advantage in various ways.

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