Hot Drop: Apex Legends Needs To Mimic Rainbow Six Siege And Take A Break From New Content

Hot Drop is GameSpot’s weekly Apex Legends column, in which Jordan Ramée takes a closer look at Respawn’s battle royale to provide additional insight into the game’s evolution, as well as dive deeper into its episodic storytelling and characters.

In terms of the available content in Apex Legends, the battle royale game is in a really good place. As of Season 13, the game features 21 playable characters, four battle royale maps, six Arenas maps, 28 firearms, five game modes, and hundreds of unlockable cosmetics (including 14 ultra-rare heirlooms in need of some flavor). There’s a lot to enjoy in the game. With all that in mind, it’s time we got a season where developer Respawn doesn’t drop any new content into the game at all, and instead solely focuses on fixing Apex Legends’ lingering issues. Apex Legends needs an Operation Health.

Operation Health was the name of Rainbow Six Siege Year 2, Season 2. For those three months, developer Ubisoft Montreal pushed back all its planned content for the game–which included two new operators, a new map, and a new weapon–to the following season, allowing the studio to entirely focus on improving the player experience in Siege. During Operation Health, Siege saw drastic technical improvements, including better servers, one-step matchmaking, and an upgraded method for deploying future updates. Ubisoft Montreal also took those three months to address dozens of bugs and problems that had been pointed out by the community during the first year of the game, like game crashes, spawn killing, and audio issues.

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