Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course – How To Start The DLC

Some games make you work hard for their DLC, sometimes making you progress hours in the main game before granting you access. Others let you in right from the start. Luckily for fans of Cuphead, the long awaited Delicious Last Course DLC is an example of the latter. Here’s how to reach the new bosses and adventure within minutes of starting a new save file.

Beat the first Run & Gun

After talking to Elder Kettle and completing the optional tutorial, head out the door and across the bridge. Make sure to talk with the Apple on the way, who will give you your first three coins which can be used to purchase new weapons and charms.

Complete the first Run & Gun level to unlock the bridge and get across the river.

On the other side of the bridge, you’ll see a white and red circle on the ground. This is your first Run & Gun challenge, Forest Follies. Dash and shoot your way through the killer foliage, grabbing all the coins you can along the way. Return to the map after completing the level, and there will be a new bridge leading you across the river.

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