Fallen London Mod Lands Developer Job At Bethesda

The Fallout London Mod team announced that two of their team members, lead technical adviser Ryan Johnson and project lead Dean Carter, were offered jobs at Bethesda.

If you don’t know, Fallout London is an expansive mod for Fallout 4 that’s scheduled to release in 2023. Set in the titular city, it’s an ambitious fan project attempting to offer an experience comparable to downloadable content Bethesda might release for the game. The team took to Discord and Twitter to deliver a general announcement, primarily focused on these job offers.

We have a few very special and bittersweet announcements for you all today.
Please read: pic.twitter.com/nZihjqSifH

— Fallout London (@FalloutLondon) June 30, 2022

Johnson took the job he was offered: associate level designer at Bethesda. The announcement claimed that the new position will have negligible impact on the project. The announcement states, “Luckily for us, we have known about this move for a while and thus Ropiequet [Johnson’s discord handle] has helped collate his knowledge into invaluable design documentation so the rest of the team can work in his stead seamlessly.” concludes by wishing Johnson well, saying “he will be missed,” but also expressing excitement for the work he will do with Bethesda.

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