The Best Cars To Buy In GTA Online

Cars are the name of the game when it comes to GTA Online. They’re the most popular vehicles to collect and own, mostly because of the number of them in the online world of Los Santos.

Every major update in GTA Online delivers new cars for players to buy, leading some players to keep on expanding their garages with every passing patch. As many veterans of GTA Online know, there are several subclasses of cars, all of which are proficient in a different area.

Some cars are perfect for racing while others are simply made for cruising the highway along the water in Los Santos. If you’re looking to make an investment in a car, you want to ensure you’re buying the right one for your needs. We’ve compiled a list of the best overall cars to buy in GTA Online. There’s a solid mix of cars on this list, including ones designed for racing and general driving. However, there are also budget options, and some that are the definition of wealth.

Ocelot Pariah

How could we start off this list with anything other than the fastest car in GTA Online? The Ocelot Pariah has been the fastest car in GTA V and GTA Online for years and that doesn’t seem to be changing anytime soon. It has a top speed of 136 miles per hour (219 km/h), making it slightly faster than the Grotto Itali RSX. To be clear, the Pariah has the fastest base speed in the game. The Grotti Vigilante and other cars can outspeed it with upgrades and other features. To go along with that speed, the Pariah has decent overall handling but there are better options for racing in GTA Online. Still, the Pariah is relatively cheap for what you’re getting, coming in at $1.42 million. If you’re just looking to own the fastest car in GTA Online, then the Pariah is a must-buy.

Progen Emerus

The racing scene in GTA Online is mainly dominated by the Progen Emerus and the Benefactor Kreiger. For this list, we’ve chosen the Emerus over the Kreiger for its superior handling, making it a much stronger choice for races with turns and tight curves. Both cars have the same top speed, with the Kreiger holding a slight edge in acceleration. However, the Emerus comes in at one million dollars less, which could be an important factor for players on a budget. The Emerus and Kreiger also look fairly similar, so it’s ultimately up to players if they want the Emerus or Kreiger.

Principe Deveste Eight

While the Ocelot Pariah is the overall fastest car in GTA Online, it can actually be outsped by the Principe Deveste Eight. The base speed for the Deveste Eight is only 131.75 miles per hour but if you mod it with the HSW improvements, you can increase that speed by 20 miles per hour. This brings the top speed of the car to 151.75 mph, which can blow most other cars in GTA Online out of the water. Of course, the HSW improvements can cost players a pretty penny in addition to the base price of the Deveste Eight, which is $1.8 million. The Deveste Eight is a solid choice for racing but does have quite a long body, so players need to be mindful of turning with this car. It also has subpar brakes compared to other cars, so it’s not the best option for a race with a lot of turns.

Annis S80RR

The Annis S80RR is arguably one of the easiest supercars to control in all of GTA Online. This sleek car has tremendous handling, traction, acceleration, and a base speed of 123 miles per hour. The base speed is outside of the top 50 cars in GTA Online but that speed paired with the S80RR’s other attributes makes it negligible. Players of any driving skill can hop in the S80RR and have a smooth experience. Thanks to these high attributes, the S80RR is actually a reliable option for racing. It might not be able to catch up to other cars on a straightaway track but it can glide through curves better than most other cars in the game. Its price tag of $2.57 million makes it a major investment, though.

Grotti Furia

The GTA Online version of the Ferrari is the Grotti Furia. This supercar is mainly on this list thanks to its sleek and slender look that car fans know all too well from the real-life Ferrari. The Furia isn’t designed to be a racing car, even though it can hold its own in a race. Its main purpose is to give players a classy way of completing missions while also having a car that can outspeed any police in GTA Online. Going on Diamond Casino & Resort missions with the Furia is certainly a power move, and that’s exactly what GTA Online players have used this car for in the past.

Pegassi Zentorno

The Zentorno is among the best options for players who want to own a supercar but don’t want to break the bank in GTA Online. This replica of a Lamborghini comes in a measly $725,000, which makes it a fantastic deal for what you’re receiving in return. If you’re looking to race with the Zentorno, it’s recommended you try tracks with curves. The Zentorno has great cornering speeds and can make up ground by being able to glide around curves with ease. It doesn’t possess a high-rated top speed, only coming in at 122 miles per hour, but that doesn’t matter much when you can pass other cars on the turns. The Zentorno is perhaps best for newcomer GTA Online players that are looking to save up some cash while still dipping their toes in racing. If you’re looking to upgrade eventually, you can buy the Zentorno’s big brother, the Pegassi Zorrusso. The Zorrusso costs over $1 million more but has superior speed and handling.

Ocelot R88

Ocelot reappears at the tail-end of this list with the R88, GTA Online’s version of a Formula 1 car. Progen also has an F1 option, the PR4, but it costs $400,000 more. The speeds, handling, and look of the two cars are fairly similar, making the R88 a more attractive option thanks to its lower price tag. As one would expect, the R88 has overwhelmingly strong handling, making it a breeze to control in a race with curves. The top speed of these F1 cars is lower than other supercars but players do have access to nitro on both the R88 and PR4. It’s not all positive, though, as the R88 and PR4 are both extremely light and can go tumbling down a track if they collide with another car. Also, the price tag of the R88 is still $3.1 million, with the PR4 coming in at $3.5 million. These F1 cars are a true investment, as they’re among the most expensive vehicles in GTA Online.

Pfister 811

The Pfister 811 is the final car on our list. It’s currently the third-fastest car in GTA Online if we’re going by base speeds, coming in at 132.50 miles per hour. However, the 811 has a meager price tag of $1.13 million, making it a budget option compared to other supercars in the game. The 811 is based on the Porsche 918 and it looks beautiful cruising on a race track or on the roads of Los Santos. If you’re going to race with the 811, we recommend going on a relatively straight track, as the car has trouble with curves and braking at times. However, in a straight race, very little can outspeed the 811.

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