The Best GTA 5 Mods To Download

Since GTA V’s initial release way back in 2013, thousands and thousands of mods have been created for it. The modding community is one of the most passionate in gaming and the same applies when it comes to any Rockstar Games creation.

However, seeing as GTA V is the studio’s most successful release to date, it makes sense why GTA V would have the most mod support around it. The one issue many players have with mods is learning how to actually download and install them so they work in-game. The process can be confusing for players who might not be the most tech-savvy.

Also, there’s the challenge of figuring out which mods to install in 2022, a full nine years after the game was originally released. Below, players can see exactly how to download mods in GTA V and which ones they should consider installing first.


Image courtesy of VisualV Mod

The first mod on the list is one that correlates nicely with the recent release of GTA V on the next-gen consoles. VisualV is a graphical mod that improves many of the textures in GTA V. The world of Los Santos looks stunningly realistic, with the weather, draw distance, and many other graphical features all being greatly improved. The one aspect to remember with a mod like this it takes a powerful machine to run. Players with older PC hardware should be wary about what this mod could do to their in-game frame rate.

Players can download VisualV on GTA5-mods.com.

Thanos Mod/Iron Man Mark V

Image courtesy of nsh3t on GTA5-mods.com

We’ve decided to combine two of the best Marvel mods for GTA V. The Thanos mod does exactly what it sounds like; players can walk around the city of Los Santos as Thanos, the main villain from Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame. Playing as Thanos, players can jump extremely far distances, use the powers of the Infinity Gauntlet, and even shoot lasers from their eyes. If players don’t want to play as a villain, they can instead download the Iron Man Mark V mod. This gives players the Iron Man suit of armor, with the updated design and color scheme. The armor lets players fly around the map like Iron Man and use multiple weapons, such as the missile launcher and machine gun.

Players can download the Thanos mod and Iron Man Mark V from GTA5-mods.com.

Pokémon Go GTA Edition

Image courtesy of LudicrousBeach on GTA5-mods.com

Combining the world of Pokémon and GTA seems too good to be true, but it’s not, thanks to the Pokémon Go GTA Edition mod. This mod is precisely what players would imagine. Pokémon litter the streets of Los Santos and players can attempt to catch them using Poké Balls. Players are even decked out in the clothes Ash wears in the Pokémon anime. The Pokémon Go mod has most of the features players have come to know from the actual game but combines some GTA flare along with it.

Players can download the Pokémon Go mod from GTA5-mods.com.

LSPD First Response

Image courtesy of TheCobraLP

Players spend a majority of their time in Los Santos trying to avoid cops. However, with the LSPDFR mod, players can be on the other side of the law. This mod allows players to step into the shoes of a police officer in Los Santos. Players are given access to a weapon, a partner, and a fully interactable police station. With these tools, players can stop and arrest lawbreakers.

Players can download LSPD First Response on LCPDFR.com.

GTA V R.E.A.L. Mod

Image courtesy of GTA V R.E.A.L. Mod

The last mod on this list is something that not every player will get to experience. The R.E.A.L. VR mod allows players to throw on a virtual reality headset and step into the world of Los Santos with a true first-person view. Everything that can be done in the base GTA V story mode can now be done with a VR headset. While the controls and viewing angles are a bit wonky, the overall experience is smooth and completely changes how GTA V is played.

Players can download the GTA V R.E.A.L. mod through the creator’s Github page.

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