The Division Resurgence Announced For Mobile Devices

The Division Resurgence is a new mobile game based in the universe of The Division coming soon to iOS and Android devices. Like its console and PC counterparts, it will be a co-op third-person-shooter RPG with a separate story that will be canonical to the larger universe.

Alongside the new story, the mobile game also features different classes, new gear and weapons, and new characters. Resurgence takes place in New York City and according to the press release will offer “a unique perspective on key story events that have taken place in The Division and The Division 2” with players taking on the role of first-wave agents. The original Division takes place in Manhattan while the sequel takes place in Washington DC.

Ubisoft is referring to the game as open-world and says players will be able to roam freely around the urban environment and will feature both story missions and world activities for cooperative agents to complete. Ubisoft says the game can also be played alone.

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