Cuphead DLC: How To 100% Everything In The Delicious Last Course

Cuphead: The Delicious Last Course is finally here and that means even more bosses, weapons, and challenges that are designed to add years to your thumbs are along for the ride. The DLC comes with 14 new trophies and achievements, and while some are story-based tasks you’ll unlock along the way, others are irrational tests of faith that will check your parry skills and make you fall in love with Ms. Chalice’s moveset. It’s another 100% grind that has its share of hidden levels, S-Rank speedruns, and a cursed Broken Relic, so be wary of spoilers and dive headfirst into The Delicious Last Course with the following guide.

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Table of Contents [hide]A Vacation In The Wilds

A Vacation In The Wilds

Defeat every boss in Inkwell Isle IV – Sounds easy enough, right? The Delicious Last Course adds five main bosses and they are all that’s required for this achievement as players can defeat each one as Cuphead, Mugman, and/or Ms. Chalice. It’s story-related so it can’t be missed, and for maximum efficiency, all five bosses can be defeated in the order they appear in the overworld: The Moonshine Mob, Esther Winchester, Glumstone The Giant, Mortimer Freeze, and The Howling Aces.

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