19 Months After Launch, Hitman 3 Adds A Brand-New Map For Free Later This Month

Hitman 3 developer IO Interactive has revealed a first look at the game’s latest map, Ambrose Island. A free download for Hitman 3 owners and the first new level since Hitman 3 launched, Ambrose Island will be available from July 26 and takes place on a remote tropical island that is swarming with pirates and opportunities to pull off some grimly ironic assassination. The map looks like a typical Hitman level, open-ended and full of possibility, something that was lacking from the game’s final level and became a point of criticism from some of the Hitman fanbase.

Before the new location is made available, there’ll be a range of other activities to take part in as part of Hitman 3’s July roadmap. The Himmapan Hotel from 2016’s Hitman is already available for a few days, Elusive Target sees the return of Vicente Murillo in The Revolutionary campaign from today, and a new round of new Elusive Target Arcade will begin on July 14. Complete that set of contracts and you’ll unlock the Iridescent Katana for Agent 47’s arsenal.

On July 15, players can attempt another Elusive Target when Wen Ts’ai arrives at the Himmapan Hotel and from Jul 21 there’ll be a new selection of community contracts that’ll have a pirate theme to them. The release of the Ambrose Island at the end of the month will also bring with it several quality-of-life improvements in a new patch.

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