Madison Elevator Mausoleum Puzzle Guide

Get ready for a dose of backstory. In Madison, after you cut the power in search of the red lightbulb your possessed self drew in your notebook, the front door will open. It isn’t freedom you’ll find behind it, however; it’s an elevator and mausoleum for the victims of Madison’s titular serial killer. Each floor introduces you to one of her victims, revealing the path of her killing spree. On the fifth floor is a mirror that reflects a chair and a noose. But what does it all mean? Let us help you through one of Madison’s most poorly explained puzzles, the elevator in the mausoleum puzzle.

Note: Madison features changing puzzles for different playthroughs, so the specifics of solving this puzzle may change, but the method will be the same.

Assembling the clues

To solve this puzzle, you’re going to need your hammer. If you put that in storage previously, you’re going to want to pull it out beforehand, since it’s a long walk back to the item locker.

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