Get Final Fantasy VII Remake For Just $30 In This Early Prime Day Deal

Final Fantasy VII Remake Intergrade is currently available for just $30 on Amazon , a huge 57% discount from its usual $70 price. An enhanced version of 2020’s Final Fantasy VII Remake, Intergrade dials up the visual and audio quality of the first chapter in that remake project and takes full advantage of the PS5 hardware to deliver a stunning adventure.

If you missed the it when it first arrived, Final Fantasy VII Remake retells the tale of Cloud Strife and the environmental vigilante group Avalanche, but with some key differences from the 1997 original. Certain parts of the plot were fleshed out, several characters got a chance to shine, and the game was stunning to look at even as a last-gen title. The other big difference was the gameplay, which had a more dynamic approach to its design. Fans of the classic turn-based style were also catered to, with both gameplay directions being fun to experience.

For the Intergrade edition, players got an additional chapter to play that focused on Wutai’s best ninja Yuffie as she teamed up with a fellow operative to infiltrate Shinra headquarters and steal powerful materia from the conglomerate. On the technical side, Intergrade added graphical improvements–such as a 4K Quality mode and 60fps Performance mode–a photo mode, more difficulty settings, gameplay tweaks, and faster loading times.

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