Elden Ring: Where To Get The Erdtree Greatshield

Selecting a shield for consistent use in Elden Ring can be tough because each bring their own strengths and weaknesses to the table. However, if you’re looking to snag one of the game’s most powerful options, you’ll want the Erdtree Greatshield. This hulking greatshield not only looks cool but packs plenty of protection and an awesome skill. In this guide, we’ll tell you how to find it.

The Erdtree Greatshield explained

The Erdtree Greatshield is a greatshield that requires 30 Strength and 12 Faith to wield. It blocks 100% of physical damage and has fairly good magical defenses to boot. But most importantly, it comes packing the skill Golden Retaliation, which allows you to parry a magical spell (provided your timing is on point) and rapidly retaliate with a burst of holy power for some solid damage, making it an incredible choice for Faith builds.

The Erdtree Greatshield’s item description reads:

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