Apex Legends Mobile Launches Exclusive Event For Inactive Players

Apex Legends Mobile made a splash when it launched in May, with over 15 million players pre-registering for the mobile version of Respawn Entertainment’s popular battle royale. The game brought in $5 million and was the most downloaded game in 60 countries during its first week on the market. It has remained popular among mobile shooter fans since its release, but not everyone who logged in on launch day has kept up with the game.

If this describes you, there’s good news on the horizon: Respawn has created an event exclusively for players who haven’t touched the game in a while. Keep reading for a detailed look at the Returning Champ event, and all the rewards you can snag for participating–including some you can send to you friends.

Roll Call

It is not clear exactly how long you need to have gone without playing the game, but we triggered the event after 12 days of not launching the game. Upon logging in after an extended absence, you’ll be greeted by a message from Mirage welcoming you back top the game. This will trigger a 10-day event called Returning Champ that rewards you for completing challenges and logging in daily.

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