Best Fortnite Landing Spots In Chapter 3 Season 3

A new map means a new set of Fortnite landing spots in Chapter 3 Season 3, or at least some new considerations for your old favorites. The Reality Tree did more than add a handy new way to start a match with high-grade equipment. It transformed almost a third of the map, changing which areas are worth checking out first and where you can expect other players to be–or not to be, which is often more important. Below, we’ve listed a wide range of drop sites suitable for any occasion, whether you’re after weapons or just need a quiet spot to do some fishing.

Chonker’s Speedway

Just as in Chapter 3, Season 2, Chonker’s Speedway is still one of the best landing spots in the new season–albeit with one important caveat. The racetrack and surrounding buildings are home to plenty of loot. Most of it is fairly common, with a few exceptions, but it’s easy to fill your pockets fast with practically an entire arsenal, unlike some of the more remote locations on the map. Access to fast cars makes it easier to get away from opponents or to just cover more ground quickly.

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