VTubers Can Now Stream As An Apex Legends Character

If you’ve ever wanted to dip your toes into the world of VTubing, you can now do so using the official Apex Legends VTuber avatars released by Respawn Entertainment today. The avatars feature three legends–Bangalore, Mirage, and Octane–donning outfits based on the skins from Apex’s anime-themed Gaiden event, which kicks off next week.

Mirage’s avatar features the holographic trickster decked out in his My Hero Academia-themed Marked Man skin, while Octane is donning his One Piece-inspired Sea Legs skin. Bangalore, however, is wearing her new Prestige skin, Apex Commander. Many VTubers use anime characters as their avatars, which is likely the reason these avatars were released alongside the Gaiden event.

It’s time to live out your VTuber dreams ✨ 3 of your favorite Legends are now available as avatars so you can join the fun.

Check out our article and tutorial to get started! 👇

🔗: https://t.co/TJGhhHUdQX pic.twitter.com/MrnnK4Blv8

— Apex Legends (@PlayApex) July 15, 2022

VTubers–short for “virtual YouTubers”–have gained popularity in recent years among content creators who don’t wish to show their faces on camera but still want a physical representation of themselves in their videos or streams. Voiceover-only content can sometimes struggle to gain traction on YouTube and Twitch, so the introduction of an interesting, amusing, well-animated avatar can often mitigate issues with audience engagement while still providing the VTuber with a greater level of privacy.

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