DNF Duel Character Tier List

Tier lists are ever popular, nearly always controversial, and for good reason. They touch on the overall strength of all characters in a fighting game, as well as each individual character’s strength compared to the others. With so many people loving their own characters and hating everyone else’s, things are bound to get heated.

DNF Duel is no exception. In fact, the character strength is even higher than most other fighting games, with many characters having full-screen normals or specials (or nearly full-screen), being able to create tons of plus frames to harass and pressure opponents, and passive Awakening abilities that can crank things up to 10.

DNF Duel Tier List & Guidelines

This tier list will cover each character available in the 1.0 version of DNF Duel, including Lost Warrior, the secret character that can be unlocked by completing Story Mode with any other character (don’t worry, Story Mode can be completed in around 30-45 minutes with around six fights).

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