Review Roundup For As Dusk Falls

The ambitious narrative adventure game As Dusk Falls debuts on PC and on Xbox consoles tomorrow, and ahead of its launch, reviews for it have gone live. An interactive drama where every choice has repercussions, As Dusk Falls will be available from July 19, and will also be available on Game Pass that day.

Reviews from some outlets have been largely positive, praising the game’s storytelling, impactful tale, and difficult choices that players will be presented with. Other outlets have criticized As Dusk Falls for having inconsequential subplots and gameplay that doesn’t gel well with the impressive acting.

As Dusk Falls deftly explores themes of inherited hardship through the lens of two families who cross paths on one pivotal night. By way of incredible voice acting, a compelling and expertly written script, and a bounty of pause-worthy choices along the game’s elaborate branching paths, it establishes itself as an instant classic in the narrative adventure genre,” Mark Delaney said in his As Dusk Falls review.

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