Stray Is (Naturally) A Big Hit With Cats

Stray has officially arrived today, giving fans an opportunity to play as a digital version of nature’s perfect purring machine. As the titular stray cat lost in a strange city inhabited by robots, it’ll be up to you to help the feline find its way home and avoid crossing paths with merciless androids.

To celebrate the launch of Stray, people have taken to social media to show off their own household cats just before they start playing. From mischievous kittens to chonky big boys, Twitter alone is full of four-legged Stray fans. Several GameSpot staff members have shared pictures of their own cats observing Stray in action, and we’ve rounded up a few more below.

Just like the game, each cat is also deserving of a top score of around 11/10. Why? Because they’re all good cats, Brent. If that’s not enough cat-focused content for you, you can also check out our feature on the best video game cats and the Twitter account Cats Watching Stray for more paw-sitive content.

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