Review Roundup For Live A Live On Nintendo Switch

Live A Live is Square Enix’s latest HD-2D title, this time remaking a 1994 Super Nintendo cult-classic, bringing it to Nintendo Switch when it releases tomorrow, July 22. The remake allows players in the west to try out the JRPG that sprawls across multiple time periods, taking players to Imperial China, the Twilight of Edo Japan, all the way to the Distant Future.

Reviews for the Live A Live paint a favorable picture, with various outlets citing how there’s something for both old and new fans. Unlike the original, this new version adds in full voice acting, and refreshes things with its updated visuals and a rearranged soundtrack that was supervised by the original composer, Yoko Shimomura, best known for her work on the Kingdom Hearts series and Street Fighter 2.

“I truly loved my experience playing Live A Live. The gameplay and narrative variety, incredible visuals, and superb soundtrack kept me enthralled throughout my 30-hour journey,” wrote Heidi Kemps in GameSpot’s review Live A Live review. “I still feel like the game has a few secrets and little story bits I may have overlooked. It’s quite the accomplishment that, almost 30 years later, Live A Live still manages to surprise, subvert, and enthrall. Those timeless qualities make it well worth your attention, now and likely for years to come.”

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