Rise Of Kingdoms Adds Cleopatra

Lilith Games is introducing Cleopatra to its mobile game, Rise of Kingdoms. Cleopatra will retain the “Legendary Commander” status in-game and is considered one of the best resource-gathering characters.

Cleopatra has a significant area of effect skill that heal her nearby allies for a percentage of life and increases their armor to a maximum of 15% for two seconds. Both her primary and secondary commanders are good when selected as a gathering. She also has skills and talents that enhance her work, making her a versatile commander for collecting any type of resources on the map.

Although she has a significant area of effect, she isn’t meant to be used in PvP or PvE. Cleopatra shines in gathering loot and can only provide support in a “Sunset Canyon” event. Since she doesn’t have any fighting skills, when enemies attack her, she takes a lot of damage.

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