As Dusk Falls Choices And Endings: All Character Deaths And Best Ending

Because As Dusk Falls is a narrative adventure game with a branching storyline, your decisions may drastically change the story you experience with each playthrough. Trying to discuss the game’s events with friends is liable to shed new light on characters and reveal totally different outcomes for characters such as Jay, Zoe, Vince, and the rest of the ensemble cast. If you’re curious to find out about all As Dusk Falls endings, this guide will walk you through every possible outcome for the game’s 13 characters whose lives can be permanently changed over the course of the six-episode saga. Here’s every character death, divorce, prison sentence, and all other outcomes possible in As Dusk Falls.

Vince Walker

Seven endings including three deaths

Vince has seven possible endings, including three in which he dies. If you fail the quick-time event during the fight with Dante in the motel bathroom, Vince can be electrocuted to death. He can also be drowned by Tyler during the standoff by the pool which occurs right after the Dante fight. If Vince is taken as a hostage in the car with the Holts and does not sneak out of the backseat while Tyler and Sharon are talking outside of it, he will die in the ensuing car crash in the fourth episode.

If Vince survives, he may end up on four possible paths, including taking either a corporate job (if he takes the settlement offer from his former employer) or opening up a flight school (if he decides to take his former employer to court). Should Vince and Michelle both survive the Desert Dream Motel crisis, they will stay together or get divorced based on whether they reconciled following Michelle’s infidelity.

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