Dungeons & Dragons Onslaught: A Board Game With A Lot Of Potential

When Dungeons & Dragons first launched the teaser trailer for their upcoming board game, Onslaught, many people’s first thought was, “They’re doing Warhammer now?” Rightfully so, as the teaser, which you can see below, isn’t very informative outside of “these factions are going to fight each other.” While skeptical of WizKids’ newest collectible game, GameSpot was given a demonstration of Onslaught, and we were pleasantly surprised at how consumer-friendly and engaging the game was.

What is Onslaught?

Onslaught takes just the combat from D&D and turns it into a game, with a lot of familiar Mage Knight (the original version) and Heroclix mechanics. There are various scenarios your faction must complete. In the case of the scenario I had, goblins needed to be killed, the other person playing needed to be defeated, and you had to get the Flametongue sword.

You are playing against another person and monsters–who all move according to their AI, which is usually pretty simple. While talking with director of miniature games at WizKids Alex Davy, the game is currently for two players, but there is an opportunity for a battle royale type of mode when more factions are released.

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