Before Your Eyes Is On Mobile Via Netflix

Netflix has announced that two more games have been added to its mobile service today. Players can now enjoy Before Your Eyes and Mahjong Solitaire on their mobile devices as long as they have a Netflix account.

In Before Your Eyes, players find themselves reliving their life with the help of The Ferryman. What makes Before Your Eyes unique is that you progress forward in time when you blink in specific moments in-game. The mobile version of the game will utilize your phone’s camera, and every time you blink, you’ll have the full experiences you would have had on PC.

Smoking Gun Interactive Candas puzzle game Mahjong Solitaire will also be debuting in the Netflix mobile game library. In this tabletop game, players are tasked with matching 300 tiles together, and once you’ve matched them, you’ll complete the level. To help motivate players to solve new puzzles, daily challenges and achievements will be implemented in-game. You’ll also have the option to customize the themes and backgrounds, and there is one based on Stranger Things.

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