How Torchlight Infinite Looks To Avoid The Pitfalls Of Diablo Immortal

Torchlight Infinite is looking to translate the addictive dungeon crawling and loot farming of the well-known console and PC ARPG franchise to iOS and Android devices. Currently in closed beta, Torchlight Infinite developer XD Inc. recently announced the free-to-play, mobile ARPG will be releasing into open beta this fall. At the same time, XD also revealed the game’s sixth playable launch hero, Oracle Thea.

As Blizzard’s recently released Diablo Immortal has shown, translating a formerly PC-centric ARPG to mobile can be a challenge. While it’s impossible to say if Torchlight Infinite succeeds on that front just yet, it’s clear XD’s take on the franchise is looking to draw in both new players as well as established fans of the series. Set 200 years after Torchlight II, it will include familiar abilities, classes, and environments to fans of the franchise, but there are plenty of new characters and systems for fans to discover as well.

Though Torchlight Infinite is being made with mobile in mind, it will also release on PC. In an email interview with GameSpot, producer Liu Heng said Torchlight Infinite will allow for cross-progression. Players will be able to link their data under one account and jump between mobile and PC without losing progress. The PC version will also feature a few additional upgrades beyond the mobile version including more camera options, wider views, and additional control options.

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