XV Shermie Joins The King Of Fighters Allstar

Netmarble has added XV Shermine as a playable character to its mobile game, The King of Fighters Allstar. In addition to the new character, players can also enjoy new content such as battle card events and more.

XV Shermine is a red element and Balance type playable EX fighter in-game. With her attributes, she can increase a fighter’s ATK to 60%, her special skill allows her critical rate to be increased by 15% for three seconds after she lands an attack, and it’ll reset when a critical hit is landed. In addition to that, she’s also immune to freeze and petrify and activates her Standing Spin Kick when her targets can’t be grabbed.

Lady Choi Bounge has also been introduced as an EX fighter and is a green element and defense-type character. Her attributes increase a fighter’s ATK to 30% and gain 5% power when an enemy is killed. Her special makes her immune to bleed and fear, and when she’s attacked, there’s a 30% chance of fear being applied to the attacker for two seconds. When she lands a lower skill, there’s a 40% chance her active skill cooldown will reset

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