Annapurna Showcase’s Biggest Announcements And Games

Annapurna Interactive is becoming known for publishing unique games off the beaten path, like the recently released Stray that has quickly gained mainstream attention as the cat game. It’s in that environment that the studio released its latest Annapurna Showcase, debuting a number of new games and sharing more details and release dates on announced titles. Here’s everything we saw during the showcase, including a handful of games and demos that are out now.

Thirsty Suitors

We got a closer look at Thirsty Suitors, the upcoming game from Outerloop Games. The lengthy gameplay demonstration showcased how battle works by focusing on one suitor in particular, your third-grade boyfriend Sergio. The demo detailed how you can use a taunt to put opponents in a “thirsty” mood, how battles can shift mid-match to require special abilities like calling his mom, and finally, how you can reconcile and become friends. We also got a brief look at the skateboarding action. Thirsty Suitors is coming to Steam, PlayStation, Switch, Xbox, and will come to Game Pass.


The showcase delivered a fresh look at Hindsight, the cinematic adventure game in which a woman sorts through boxes left behind and reminisces about her own memories of the past. It’s coming on August 4.

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