Perfect Dark – Everything We Know

Microsoft’s Perfect Dark franchise is returning with a reboot in the works at one of Microsoft’s newest studios. It’s among the most-anticipated upcoming Xbox games, and while we don’t have all that much to go on at this point, we do know a few key details about the project.

Perfect Dark release date and platforms

There is no release date for the Perfect Dark reboot as of yet, and given the behind-the-scenes reports and staffing changes (more on that below), no one should expect the game to be released anytime soon. The original game was set in the year 2023, so the real 2023 would seemingly be a nice time to launch the game, but that could be wishful thinking. When it is finally ready–assuming Microsoft sees it through to release–the Perfect Dark reboot will presumably be available across Xbox consoles and PC, and also via streaming.

Who’s developing it?

One of Microsoft’s newest studios, The Initiative, is developing the Perfect Dark reboot for Microsoft. In 2021, Microsoft surprised some by announcing a partnership with Tomb Raider studios Crystal Dynamics to jointly develop the game. Crystal Dynamics was later absorbed by Embracer Group, but the company is still working with Microsoft on the Perfect Dark reboot.

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