Destiny 2’s Next Raid Will Be Revealed On August 23

Season 18 of Destiny 2 will add a new Raid to the game, but Bungie isn’t ready yet to reveal which instance of its high-level PvE activity will be added to the game. The studio is saving that reveal for its showcase on August 23, which is also the start of Season 18.

Bungie did tease in its weekly blog that the raid will be something that fans are “already somewhat familiar with” and that like the Vault of Glass raid it will be changing up the World First race to keep the playing field even. The raid will begin with Contest Mode enabled and will require participants to be at 1560 Power to enter the event.

Clearing the raid in Contest Mode will open up Challenge Mode in the game director and the special Triumph for completing all of the challenge Triumphs for each encounter. Challenge Mode will only be available for the first 24 hours, and the first fireteam to complete a curated list of challenges inside of it will be able to claim the title of Worlds First and all the neat real-world loot that comes with it.

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