Iron Banter: This Week In Destiny 2 – The Case For Wrath Of The Machine

Just about every week brings something new to Destiny 2, whether it’s story beats, new activities, or interesting new combinations of elements that let players devastate each other in the Crucible. Iron Banter is our weekly look at what’s going on in the world of Destiny and a rundown of what’s drawing our attention across the solar system.

We’ve only got a couple of weeks left in Destiny 2’s Season of the Haunted, and with the upcoming content season on August 23 comes a new raid. Or rather, we’re getting an old raid, returning from the original Destiny, but reshaped and improved to play in Destiny 2, much like Vault of Glass. We now also have a date for that raid’s release: August 26.

Speculation has been rampant about what that raid will be, and while Bungie released information about the date we can play the raid, it still hasn’t told us what that raid will actually be. There are a few possibilities: Crota’s End, the raid in which players delved into the depths of the moon to defeat the son of the Oryx, the Taken King; King’s Fall, a raid on Oryx’s ship in which we killed the Hive god himself; and Wrath of the Machine, a raid that took place in a section of the Cosmodrome called the Plague Lands.

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